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Open Your Own Tasting Room 

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How It Works

Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Rooms have been a booming industry across the United States for nearly a decade now. You would be hard pressed to walk down the main street of any town or city and not find one. 


If you are not familiar with this concept, an Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room is a retail space that allows consumers to taste hundreds of different Vinegar's and Olive Oil, Plain and Infused from stainless steel containers called Fusti's. Once a customer chooses the product they like, the store employee fills and caps a bottle and send the customer on their way. The atmosphere is fun and unique for consumers, creates an unbeatable setting for up-selling and the profit margins are outrageous. 


Typically, it would cost a new store owners tens of thousands of dollars to open and launch their own Tasting Room. Not anymore, with Di Alfredo Distributing Turn-Key Tasting Room Platform, you can literally launch for a couple thousand dollars depending on the size of the tasting room that you desired. 

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