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Here at Di Alfredo Distributing, there is nothing more Important than quality and transparency. Below is a short summary for each core product category that explains how we do our best to ensure we are always providing the best quality and most honest product possible to our customers.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

It is not easy to define the quality of olive oil, yet the quality is the defining aspect of the olive oil. At Di Alfredo all our Extra Virgin Olive Oil we import goes through a rigorous process to guarantee the highest quality standards and those of food safety.

All our products are certified BRC (British Retail Certification), IFS (International Food Standard), Kosher and ISO 9001.

We require a Certified Chemical Analysis Report from the supplier before the product ships.


When the product arrives in-house, we perform a Sensory Analysis on the product to ensure the Olive Oil is free of defects and passes as a true Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


We are continually tasting the best oils we can find from all over the world. We love having a wide variety of the highest quality products for our clients. Our goal is to find all the best and we will not stop looking!

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The base used in our infused products is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is very important to us that the base used in our infused products is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Some competitors claim they use Pure Olive Oil because the Extra Virgin taste overpowers the infusion. This is not true. We believe this is just a way for them to save money. Pure Olive Oil is not Extra Virgin, and the consumer is cheated of the Heath Benefits that Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers.

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Balsamic Vinegar

At Di Alfredo, we take the quality and sanctity of our Balsamic Vinegar very seriously.

Expertise, experience, respect for traditions are combined with scientific knowledge and modern technologies. Our balsamic vinegars we import are tested by certified labs with more than 1.000 tests a year and our products are regularly supervised for the quality of raw materials and finished products through panels of qualified tasters.


Containing no thickening agents, colorants, or artificial additives, only the purest of balsamic make it to our warehouse and on to your shelves.

All of our balsamic vinegars we offer some directly from Modena, Italy.

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