Who we are


Italian Gourmet Food Importer.

Di Alfredo Foods is an Italian Importing company based in Garnet Valley, PA. There are no middle men, if you found us, you found the source.

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What we do


Find The Best.

It is literally our job to search the ends of every Italian region and find the very best gourmet items in the country. We specialize in finding the small family bakery, the artisan pasta maker, the amazing hidden olive oil . Our hard work and travel pays off when we get to give you, the client, a catalog full of delicious items.

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Our mission


Help you see the beauty.

Over the last 4 or 5 decades, big brands and advertising campaigns have forced a large majority of Americans to believe Italian Foods is single and rudimentary. We see it as our job to show you just how special and complex the countries producers are. We want you to taste the pasta that is dried in the sun, the truffles that are sliced by hand, the oil that has been in the same family for 500 hundred years. We want all of the country to know what we know and experience what we experience.

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