About Our Quality

Why we at Di Alfredo Foods believe our products rank above ALL others:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: At Di Alfredo Foods; we do not blindly accept products from our facilities in Italy and take them on face value. Each and every harvest and batch goes through a 3 step process

1. Producer is required to submit an analysis report on the harvest ensuring the Oil meets all chemical analysis required by the European and US Standards.

2. Our In-House Certified Olive Oil Sommelier Performs a Sensory Analysis to ensure the product does not have any sensory defects (i.e. Rancid, Musty, Fusty etc.)

3. When the product arrives in our facility, we order a second chemical analysis from a 3rd party lab in California to ensure what we received is in fact what we sampled and approved in Italy at time of harvest.

Furthermore, we do not flip flop between suppliers every year in order to save a few dollars here and there on cost. Di Alfredo Foods has been working with the same farms in Italy since the founding of our company. This gives us full access to every step and allows us to have a family style relationship with the hands that pick your olives.

The rigorous process is what has allowed Di Alfredo Foods to gain a reputation in such a short period of time as one of the leading sources of quality and trusted Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All Analysis Reports and Sensory Analysis Write Ups are available to our clients upon request!

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Unlike some of our competitors; the base Olive Oil used in our Infused and Fused (Agrumato) Extra Virgin Olive Oils are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Some competitors claim they use Pure Olive Oil because the Extra Virgin taste overpowers the infusions. In our opinion that is complete nonsense and Pure Olive Oil is only used to save money. Plain and Simple. Pure Olive Oil is NOT "Extra Virgin", is NOT "Virgin" and in the opinion of many Olive Oil professionals and enthusiasts should NOT even reach the dinner table at all.

Because it is not Extra Virgin; you are robbed of all the Health Benefits that Olive Oil can provide for you. Pure Olive Oil is refined and stripped from all of the health benefits and polyphenol compounds that make Olive Oil worth your hard earned money in the first place.

Balsamic Vinegar: The Founder of our company; Paul Pecorari, was born and raised in Modena, Italy. He was a helping hand in Balsamic production since he was a child and has spent many years of his life sitting around Acetaia's in Modena. BALSAMIC IS SOMETHING WE TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY.

Di Alfredo Foods actually has the only known Acetaia in North America; located at our corporate headquarters in PA. When you buy a balsamic vinegar from Di Alfredo Foods, you can rest assure with 1000% certainty that there are:


We are 100% upfront and honest about all products and play NO games when it comes to quality. The only two ingredients you should ever see in Balsamic Vinegar are cooked grape must and red wine vinegar. IF YOU SEE ANYTHING ELSE; RUN!

Infused Balsamic Vinegar: All of our infused balsamic vinegar is naturally infused with natural extracts. Just like it was explained above in Point 3; there are NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES, NO COLORANTS, NO THICKENING AGENTS AND NO PRESERVATIVES.

When viewing our catalog, you will notice will have "Thin" options and we have "Thick" options. The Thin Infused Options use our AAA Giallo Series IGP Certified Balsamic Vinegar of Modena as a base. That base has a 6% acidity and meets all requirements and standard for IGP Certification.

Our "Thick" option uses our "Spesso" series as the base Balsamic. Our Spesso series is our AAA Giallo Series with much more cooked grape must added in order to increase the thickness, sweetness and viscosity. Unlike some of our competitors, we refuse to use anything artificial whatsoever, the only two ingredients still in our balsamic is cooked grape must and red wine vinegar.

The sweetness is our thick spesso series is not sugary sweet, it is musty sweet and that is what makes it so special and beautiful and why it has quickly become our best selling product.