Monthly Archives: August 2015

Di Alfredo Bring In Amazing Truffle Line-Up

After 3 weeks in Umbria, we have located & begun importing amazing Truffle Products from Terni! IMG_1898 The above picture shows our Director of Sales and Marketing; Thomas Sheridan, standing with the brother and sister team that finds, cleans and produces the truffle collection Di Alfredo Foods now imports...
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Di Alfredo Adds Gourmet Sauce and Pesto from Piasco

Check out our new Gourmet Sauce and Pesto from Northern Italy in Piasco! Piasco is in Northern Italy where you will find some of the richest and most natural sauces and pesto the country has to offer.
ALL SAUCES (400GR) - $3.50 ($42 a case) Puttanesca Genovese Basil Mushroom PESTO WITH GENOVESE BASIL (180GR) - $2.80 ($33.60 a case) SICILIANA PESTO WITH...
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Di Alfredo Extends Their Cannoli Selection

Hand Rolled Gourmet Cannoli Shells from Palermo, Sicily We have strengthened our relationship with our cannoli producer in Palermo and can now offer you more options than ever. These additional options include: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Dipped Pistachio RETAL Packaging an MORE..... We have many clients bringing in ALL the options, displaying them in al their beautiful glory an allowing heir...
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